Egypt Civil Construction Ltd

Who We Are?

Egypt Ltd focus on general civil construction. Works included, but are not limited to; retaining walls, bridge construction, jetty construction and repairs, guardrail installation, concrete structures and concrete repairs.

The team pride themselves on taking projects from concept to completion and consistently surpass

specified time, budget and performance requirements.

Mary Barnett (B.E Civil)


Mary has been based in Nelson since early 2005. She has managed several civil projects in the regions working with both the public and private sector. Mary has extensive construction knowledge and is a lateral thinker. She has also established key alliances with local suppliers.

Mary regularly leads teams through the project. Mary’s experience as an Engineer working for both the Client and Contractor enables Egypt Ltd to provide successful results for all parties involved in the project.

Mary’s technical experience includes elevated structures including bridges over water, roading, landscaping and urban design, traffic management and stakeholder advocacy. She has been involved in several infrastructure projects.

Jaden Barnett


Jaden has 38 years’ experience in civil structure construction, specializing in bridge construction, concrete structures, retaining structures and marinas.

During his time at Fulton Hogan, he worked extensively throughout the upper South Island, successfully managing the construction of complicated structures while maintaining a high standard of health and safety.

Jaden consistently works to meet the project timelines and budgets and has a proven ability to complete tasks to a high standard.

Jaden’s technical experience includes; elevated structures including bridges over water, roading and underground civil structures, concrete repairs. He has also been involved in several civil structures on major infrastructure project. This is a great place to insert a brief description of yourself or your organization. You can also share information such as what your mission is or what kind of reward your donors will receive.